Dr George Kellie
Dr George Kellie
Kellie Technologies

Dr George Kellie is chairman of KellieTechnologies™, a leading UK marketing and technology company. Dr Kellie’s businesses have been in existence for nearly 20 years and have a strong reputation and expertise in composites nonwovens, plastics, and sustainability strategies.

In the field of nonwovens materials, KellieTechnologies™ has been particularly active, working on specific applications and generating detailed market assessment and data. Recent work has included submissions on nanotechnology to the UK House of Lords Science & Technology Committee.

George is the editor of “Advances in Technical Nonwovens, 1st Edition” recently published by Elsevier.

In the automotive field, Kellie Solutions have been active in areas as diverse as engineered thermoformed components, use of bioplastics and recycled materials, and composite materials for thermal and acoustic insulation.

In packaging George Kellie has published a series of ground-breaking reviews on Nonwovens in Packaging.