Peter Clarke
Peter Clarke
Head of Creative Engineering
GR8 Engineering

After a year in a toolroom I moved over to injection moulding on the 10th February 1969. Started as a machine operator then move on to a “Setter”, we now call them Mould technician.

In 1974 I became production manager (23yo), in 1979 I became technical director and remained in that post for 15 years, also taking on the toolmaking company as MD.

I was responsible for 4 manufacturing sites employing 220 people through 7 departmental managers.

Never again, I just wanted to do technical stuff, I like machines, not people.

Broke away form manufacturing to peruse my own way in life, setup injection moulding facilities for other companies, always with the promise of a long-term relationship but found the business owners to be too stupid to work with so kept moving on.

Came to the conclusion that I was unemployable so started a consulting company, however, I always told the truth and that is not what consultants get paid for.

In 1995 I invented Coralfoam, an innovative foaming technology that allowed the moulding to expand outside of the mould, a company called Coraltech was formed to raise investment and roll out the technology.

In 1999 I invented a radical injection compression moulding technology and a company called Im-Pak was formed in 2003 to roll it out, unfortunately the Coraltech investors brought in a CEO who only invested in Im-Pak so shut down all Coralfoam development. I left in 2006 as I couldn’t get on with the CEO.

Next was a development project for Unilever to develop a better way to make PET bottles, EcoBlow was the result, that lead to another “Special bottle” development for another client that lasted 10 years and a new company, GR8 Engineering was formed for the project.

In parallel with the Special bottle project, I was approached to rethink foaming PP and to find a patentable application, EcoCore was the result making lightweight, thermally insulated, reusable, recyclable coffee cups. An ongoing project with

In parallel to the Special bottle and EcoCore, I was working on better ways to form PET, this led to a grant to develop Clear CPET, now working with clients to roll out the technology.

At the age of 70 I am full time developing process technology for the plastics packaging industry with a 10-patent portfolio, more to come, I’m loving it.