Talisman Plastics Ltd
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Talisman Plastics provides technical injection moulding solutions for a number of market sectors including Automotive, electronics and medical.

Detailed information

Talisman Plastics has been moulding for over 90 years and has a vast range of experience across a number of industries.
With over 25 moulding machines, ranging from 25 to 500mt we can run part weights from 2 to 700grams. Our moulding experience covers everything from single shot clear to challenging technical over-mouldings within tight tolerances.
This is supported by our team of experts who are able to assist with Design, Development & Prototyping. Manufacture of production Tooling, Assembly & Post Moulding Finishing requirements.
Talisman Plastics - Moulding our future by “Doing the right thing for the customer”

Country: United Kingdom