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Solinatra is the truly sustainable alternative to single use plastic

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Solinatra is a biomaterial that has all the benefits of plastic and none of the drawbacks. Manufactured from 100% plant-based ingredients, sourced from agricultural byproducts, the material utilises plant waste to provide a sustainable alternative for products and packaging. Fully biodegradable and compostable, Solinatra doesn’t leave behind any microplastics. 
Nespresso compatible coffee capsules made of Solinatra have launched in the UK, with the award-winning Gordon St Coffee. Solinatra coffee pods are 100% natural and plant based, and compost in the same time frame as a banana skin. 
Solinatra is a brand of Coda Group, and is manufactured by Coda Compostables.

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Solinatra, Coda Group, Folgate Road, North Walsham, Norfolk, NR28 0AJ, United Kingdom

Country: United Kingdom