Short description

FutureNova create innovative, market leading technology for healthcare organisations around the world; collaborating with ‘thought-leader’ hospitals to design antimicrobial, medical grade cases and accessories for Apple devices.

Detailed information

FutureNova enable safe and secure integration of technology into the clinical environment through 2 core product ranges – the FlipPad (released in 2015 for the 9.7” iPad range) and the iBioShield range (released in 2020, for the new 10”+ iPad, and iPhones 6 through to SE2). iPads and iPhones are revolutionising the medical industry; our cases allow the use of these devices without fear of damage, loss or chemical degradation. Designed for and by medical professionals, our cases are integrated with antimicrobial agents, to target Covid-19, MRSA, E-Coli and Noravirus. Our product development is defined by collaboration with 14 ‘Lighthouse Account’ hospitals, personally introduced to us by Apple.

Contact:   Lauren Rushen

The Arise Innovation Centre, Alan Cherry Drive, Chelmsford, Essex, CM1 1SQ
United Kingdom

Country: United Kingdom